Welcome to Harmelia Animal Clinic 

As a pet owner, you should want the very best for your 4-legged family members.
This should definitely include the Veterinary care that your pet receives.

At Harmelia Animal Clinic

we are equipped to provide your pet with the most up-to-date Veterinary health care, diagnoistics and treatments to ensure that your pet is recieving the best possible care.

Our experienced, professional and compassionate team

of Veterinarians, Hospital Assistants and Receptionists are here to make your experience of a clinical environment as comfortable as possible as to strengthen the human-animal bond.  We are here to provide care and support for the pet and the client alike.

Our team takes pride in all aspects of the Veterinary care that we provide to our clients and patients, so we are constantly attending training courses and professional development courses to ensure we are providing your pets with the latest in Veterinary Science

We pride ourselves

in providing friendly, approachable Veterinary care and we are known for going above and beyond
to ensure that a professional and friendly service is provided each and every time you visit our clinic.

We also believe in educating our clients

so we upload our monthly newsletter which covers any relevent Veterinary related issues, like disease outbreaks or poisonings that have taken place in our area over recent weeks and where ever possible, what preventative steps you,as an owner, can take to help your pets.

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